The “Mighty Dog” of Rodeo!



The Barstow Rodeo Stampede Queen is 17 year old Miranda Wessel-Allmon. Miranda grew up in the Barstow Rodeo and for a number of years she was the Rodeo Ambassador and traveled with the rodeo queen and her court.


The stock for the Barstow Rodeo is provided by two stock contractors who live in the area. George Ishman, Hocks N Horns Cattle Company of Phelan, California provides the steers and calves needed for the events. Ishman and his wife have two sons, nine and fourteen, who are accomplished ropers themselves. Ishman provides over 400 head of cattle to major rodeos year round. He also has a cattle lot in Chino to house his animals.

Alex Hauser owns the Hauser Menifee Rodeo Company and provides the horses and bulls for the rough stock events in the rodeo. Houser, like Ishman, has hundreds of bulls and horses spread between his house in Menifee, California and a ranch in Idaho. Alex describes his horses as lean, mean, fast and “born to buck”. His bulls don’t like anything or anyone, especially cowboys on their backs.


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